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Double Click on Shape Data fields displays "No Shape Data Exista"

Started by Scott Morrison, March 07, 2022, 05:04:34 PM

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Scott Morrison

Hello Folks,
I developed and have been using a "Process Definition" since Visio 2013.
When I originally developed the shapes, with shape data, I could double click any where on the shape and get the Shape Data properties editor; this included on Shape Data fields/elements.
Since Visio 2016 I can only double click in very select places to get the Shape Data properties editor.
The problem is that if I double click on a shape data field/element I always get the error "No shape Data Exist'.
I have tried off and on to solve the issue but I just can't figure it out.

I have tried: (While observing the ShapeSheet)
Developer\Protection: From Selection
Developer\Behavior (Many permutations):
   - Double-Click: Perform No Action (and other)
   - Behavior: Group Behavior .... Many permutations

Thanks for the help


Hi, Scott!

What about option in Selection drop-down list?

If option Group first your second click can fired to inner shape without Shape data.
Try use option Group only.


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Scott Morrison

Sure, Thanks.
The historical behavior of a Shape, with defined Shape Data, is that when you dblClicked on the main shape the User properties form would come up.
Now the Shape Data takes precedence.
Thanks for the help.


Quote from: Scott Morrison on March 07, 2022, 06:44:57 PM
Tried that.
Here is what I got:

The reason for this, your shape is a group and the subshapes are selectable.  So, double clicking in region of a subshape tries to open the shape data for the subgroup.  But, it is defined with only msv prefixed data, which isn't selectable.  Hence the error message.  But, everything seems to be working as it ought.  If you don't desire the behavior, then, in the window that Surrogate shows, set Selecting Behavior to be Group Only.
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Quote from: Scott Morrison on March 07, 2022, 07:52:35 PM
The historical behavior of a Shape, with defined Shape Data, is that when you dblClicked on the main shape the User properties form would come up.
This was originally the case before the release of Visio 2013 (October 2012). Now the double-click behavior is as described by wapperdude.
We mentioned the Group only option. Sometimes when I need to be able to access inner shapes into group, I add a context menu item to the group shape to bring up the data window.

Paul Herber

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Scott Morrison

Folks thanks for all the effort and feedback.
I will give all your suggestions a try today.


Scott Morrison

I tried another approach that worked and emulated the pre-2013 functionality regarding Shapes with Data Graphics.
In my case the requirement is that all data entry on a Shape, with user properties, must be populated via the properties Dialog.
So any time you Dbl Click on the shape, even a Data Graphic element, the Shape properties dialog must be presented to the user.

So I did achieve this capability by setting the "Protection" characteristic "From Selection" and then turning on "Document Protection" from the Drawing Explorer.

I have documented this approach in the attachment.

Thanks for the ideas which drove me to think OOTB.
I have learned a lot from this group since 2013.

Many Thanks

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