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I'v seen some Visio solutions that enable a Stencil Navigation window docked to the left of the page, where it's possible to access several stencils arranged in folders. I've not seen how to access this window in the default menus and toolbars, and I've come across a project where this type of Stencil Navigation window would come handy. Do you know if it's a Visio window and if can it be launched by code, or is VBA UserForm custom built?

I've added a screen capture.

Best regards.

This is vendor solution

Hi Yacine, thank you for your reply. With my question I meant if this type of window is some Visio feature where you can point to a desired stencil folder, or if its built by the vendor developer. If so, it's a userform that can be built in vba? how is that is docked? as far as i know a regular VBA UF can't be docked...


This is not build-in MS Visio feature! 3rd party developer make this solution, I'm not sure that it written in VBA.

You can find msi-installators and play with it.

Thank you for mentioning me, but it was Surrogate who answered. ;)


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