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Announcement from Microsoft: more blocks on VBA macros coming

Started by Paul Herber, February 08, 2022, 08:27:05 AM

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Paul Herber

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Yes it will force people to use code signing, which is not great for sharing code among friends (a hundred bucks a year for a digital certificate isn't cheap).

I think TwinBasic will have a solution for this, I think they'll release later this year. (there is a free version of TB)
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Looks like this will be done in phases...initially for newly releases office products, and then gradually creeping into older products.  It will ave impact upon sites like the forum.  I can see work-around.  Code would no longer be included with example files, but would be packaged separately.  File could be downloaded, the code copied, and then pasted into the VBA window.  Hat seems too simple, easy.
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