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Unprofessional registration question

Started by SixSigmaGuy, April 22, 2021, 06:35:29 PM

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Hi.  I just registered for this group.  One of the confirmation questions was about Trump.  I'm definitely not a Trump fan, but it sure seemed tacky and unprofessional to me that a comment is added to the question saying that the J in Donald J Trump stands for joke.  Come on!!  Really?


Surprise to me too.  Since I haven't registered in a very long time, had no idea.  Thanks for pointing that out.

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13 years ago, for the both of us! Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself!
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Hm. I haven't touched those questions for way longer than four years. Took me almost that much time to find the settings for them just now! Perhaps I stumbled on the settings after a beer or two many years ago... <embarrassed_emoji>

I considered making fun of the current administration out of fairness, but they aren't worth my time.

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