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Line Break in ShapeSheet Cells


I know I've seen it somewhere (on this forum even!) but for the live of me I cant find it anymore!

How do I add an enter to a text field, so:




- Lars

Visio Guy:
Hi L-E,

You can create a new line or carriage return or enter or whatever it is called in a ShapeSheet cell like this:

User.txt = "Hello" & CHAR(10) & "World"

or CHAR(13)

Thanks, I'm sure there's something like "insert(line)" aswell. But this will do just fine!

- Lars

Visio Guy:
No, I don't think there is...

I still cant find it and I'm starting to doubt myself  :-X

Anyway, if anyone else has trouble with any char related stuff, I found this page which has all char() listed.

- Lars


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