Hot Melt Extruder

Started by Stefan, May 15, 2009, 06:53:52 PM

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Here is a piece of plant equipment I have drawn, which used on a polyethelene plant

The file is a 7 Zip compressed file, which should open with any extraction program


Paul Herber

Very nice. It took a while to be able to open the .7z file, .zip is more normal.

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Visio Guy

Because I care, about you, the forum reader...  ;D

Stefan, this is FABULOUS!
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Thank you for the comments, but I have been doing some update work on this file and the result is attached, which has expanded due to the plant requirements, sorry it is a compressed pdf as the file size wil not upload in Visio format. If anyone does want any part of the diagram drop me a line and I will pull it out of the main diagram.