How to add an extra shape on: Shapetacular-shape

Started by Hans Fransen, May 26, 2021, 10:56:56 PM

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Hans Fransen

I made a new  org chart based on Organigram
I selected Shapes:  Shapetacular for that and hide all the photos.
I'd like to have a white bar below 45 degrees on every card.
I create my own  stencil and place a 'Director' shape in my stencil. Then I double-click shape so that it appears in an edit-screen. Now I don't seem to be allowed to put any bars here.

How do I extend an Organization Chart shape with a bar or other shape so that I can use all levels in my modified shapes  org chart? 

Hans Fransen

Handy solution
Apparently, no additional objects may be placed in a standard Organization Chart shape.
However, the formatting of a standard Shape (rectangle) may be adjusted.
Color padding allows a "bar" to be placed below 45 degrees as a fill in a rectangle.
With this, there is a solution.