Automatic update based on shape data

Started by PaulH, May 21, 2021, 08:47:40 PM

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Hey everyone,

I'm creating organizational charts based off of imported excel data (using the wizard). Based off of this data, I want to make some formatting changes to the created product, and I want to make sure these are easily replicated every time I produce the org charts (weekly!).

I have a shape data field for 'company', and essentially what I want is to be able to set a rule that says if company field = X, then do nothing, else fill color shape color orange.

I've found a way of kind of doing this with data graphics, but it's only letting me assign it based on fixed values, rather than "anything but X". It also won't apply the data graphic to all shapes across my different pages at once, and I have to manually update the values in the graphic...!

Can anyone help me?

N.B. In an ideal (best case) world, I'd have a similar rule that assigns a photo based on company field data...!