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Workflow/Window management

Started by Machine, May 25, 2021, 03:40:34 PM

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Does any of You, wonderful people, have a neat way of working with multiple windows?
Internally, not 2 Visio instances.

Gotta admit - the lack of tabs or tree view of opened windows and, above all, self aligning windows is frustrating.
It seems Visio doesn't allow for dual monitors work either.

So maybe there's a add-on for window management, or multi-monitor setup?


What do you mean internally? 
GUI>View allows you to add and arrange windows.  You can look at multiple pages from same file.  It you go to GUI>File and open another file, then you can actually see pages from both files.  You don't have to launch a new instance of Visio to do this.

WRT to dual monitors, see
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By internally, I meant windows within one instance of Visio.
I know you can open multiple files within once instance of a Visio - which IMO is a bad design as well.

More precisely, I have an issue with how windows for drawings and ShapeSheets and handled in Visio.
Of course I could use:
a) View-> Arrange, which, lacks control of how and where the windows will be placed.
And that's not even a solution, when sometimes 3 or more windows are opened,
but currently I'm interested in working with 2 windows.
Window Docking would be a nice solution, and Grid Splitter as well - unfortunately those are non-existent.
b) Accessing windows via View->Switch Windows-> [some drawing...]
is literally 3 click away. I guess someone will call me insane ;) , but for me there are 2 clicks too many just to access the window I need.
c) shortcuts: Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab are what I am currently using - but it's not prefect.

AquaSnap and TidyTabs seems to be what I need!

Wonder though, if the 'hanging issue' with Visio was resolved after 2.5 years, ?

Paul Herber

Quote from: Machine on May 25, 2021, 05:18:22 PM
By internally, I meant windows within one instance of Visio.
I know you can open multiple files within once instance of a Visio - which IMO is a bad design as well.

Why bad design?
It is a very important feature. If you have code running in an instance of Visio (VBA, addon etc) then that code can only see that instance, so code to copy/compare/etc from one diagram to another has to work within one instance.
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To augment Paul's comment, having two files open in single instance enables transferring selected contents from one file to another.  That is a huge convenience and time saver.

Not had any serious issue with multiple Windows.  I typically have 3, or more open at once...usually multiple shapesheets. 

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I gotta admit, it never occurred to me why having 2 files opened in one Visio instance is actually useful.
Example changed everything - I am taking back what I have said!

For the multiple windows issue, I just feel sometimes I'm fighting with Visio, rather than work with it.

For now I decided I'll stretch Visio window across 2 screens for bigger real estate.


...or stretch your screen!!!     :o ;) ;D ;D
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