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Started by Jennifer, September 08, 2020, 02:27:59 AM

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The only way I know of to get a list of the threads that I have initiated is Profile | Show Posts. Unfortunately, that is of limited value.

  • It is not a compact list of just the titles. It includes at least several lines of the body of each post, so what could be shown on one screen takes many screens.
  • It includes multiple posts for each thread, so, again, what could be shown on one screen takes many.

Is there any chance of getting a simple list of just the titles, one line per title, possibly with the section, the date it was started, the date of the last post, and the number of posts?

Many boards have something like this and I find it very helpful.
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Paul Herber

It depends on the features available in the forum software at If you can find a customization that will do this then if you ask nicely VisioGuy might add it.
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I just ran into this annoying problem again, so I looked up this old thread. On your suggestion, I created an account over on the SM board and posted a question. The response was, uh, less than enthusiastic. I don't think really give a damn about their UI/UX. So, unless VisGuy wants to convert to Xenforo or something, we are stuck with this UI. (sigh)
Using Visio 2019, part of Office 365 on Windows 10