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Help?!?! Modified IDEF1X Database Notation Needed to use for Conceptual ERDs?

Started by brittu, March 14, 2021, 09:52:40 AM

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Hello oh people so much smarter than me they can do something magical with shapes. I'm trying to build a loosy-goosy diagram that's a cross between a conceptual ERD, a logical ERD and just general visuals and text that will help non-data-design-obsessed people understand some important concepts about health insurance.

The IDEF1X Database Notation you can get in Visio probably comes the closest but is absolutely failing on being useful for the conceptual view. If you'll recall all the way back to some esoteric class on data modeling you took long ago, besides the entity name and a place to put some attributes, a conceptual model also needs an entity definition/description. But there's no such shape you can squeeze into the the IDEF1X Entity shape. Grrrr. I'm pretty lame at Visio. I tried to shove over stuff in there. Then I tried to search the interwebs to see if this has already been created. I found one plaintive request on this community from years ago with no real response. And I found a mention of a custom stencil on some old Syracuse University class document but not the vss itself.

Someone? Anyone? It doesn't even have to be a true database shape or stencil. Just something that looks like a reasonable facsimile. Thank you! I sure hope you're out there magical stencil god or godess...

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