Pattern fill does not show when Visio document is published as PDF

Started by Robert K S, February 23, 2021, 08:48:35 PM

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Robert K S

I am using Visio version 2101 (Build 13628.20380).

I can create shapes in Visio and add pattern fills to them.  These shapes display as intended in Visio, with the correct pattern fills.

When I output to PDF using Visio's Publish as PDF feature, the pattern fills do not show up.  The filled shapes just appear as having pure white fill in the PDF.

What's very strange is that certain shapes will have the fill rendered accurately in PDF while others will not.  I have one page with some shapes that I drew a long time ago, probably in an earlier version of Visio, that are pattern-filled.  I can create a new shape on the page and pattern-fill it.  When I publish to PDF, the pattern fill renders accurately in the old shape, but the newly created shape renders in the PDF as having only pure white fill.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and/or discovered a solution?


Hi, Robert !

If you duplicate one of exist shapes with correct fill, after publish to PDF this shape have correct fill in new PDF-document ?

Robert K S

Thanks for your reply!

If I use Ctrl+drag or Copy, Paste to duplicate a shape, the original shape renders correctly in the PDF, with the pattern fill, but the copied shape renders with a white solid fill in the PDF.