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Visio 3D wannabe seeks sage advice

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David  P.
I went down the SketchUp path.
currently using a free download  "Sketchup Make"
refer attached link

after using Visio  for a decade or more,  I found the SketchUp syntax  and operation  to be reasonably easy ... moreover .. the speed and intuitive control  seem very natural.

The Youtube demo pertains to Radio tower infrastructure I am use to.
 so far , I don't believe the Sketchup program  can link to ODBC .. as per Visio..  ( would be very interested if anyone knows how)

re the subject of Tower infrastructure .. I previously created a 2D  (rotational ) plus  automatic drawing of Tower infrastructure using the Visio pro platform  with ODBC back end  .. refer link here

I did dabble a bit with  Blender  and I agree with you on its merits, range of features ..  however I found the GUI to complicated for a me as a beginner living at the arse end of the planet.

enjoy the videos ...  happy to share the experience 


6 months on Sketchup make  (free .. zero cost).
I am happy with the results so far.
I find the GUI very intuitive after that time... maybe its just me but the syntax used for construction of objects, grouping and mouse control screen interactions is similar to Visio . ( yeah hear what you say  Microsoft vs Google)

This is how far I got without spending a dime : enjoy !

context.  this was my old car , I found I had only one surviving photo of it. So I rebuilt a 3D model of it from fond memory.
(the brunette was more fiesty.. if you are wondering.)


wow...I kind of view sketchup as the anthesis of Visio
- context sensitive GUI (Dec VT100 anybody??)
- great for just freehand drawing but no connections or controls (3rd party scripts from users help).
- color/lighting/etc targeting the construction industry.

We all here in my company used to do alot of sketchup circa 2010....nobody does it now adays.
(maybe it actually got usable since then ;-) )


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