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Visio 3D wannabe seeks sage advice

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please ...   I need some enlightenment from the gurus on this mountain.

I have a  burning desire to push the 3D envelope.. if Visio is not the tool for it now .... when will it be?

I am contemplating  Google SketchUp  or Blender  but apprehensive about the learning curve.

I wanna draw \ render  3D rotational perspectives of real world shapes (organic  or mechanical)   .. Fly around not necessarily Fly through.

cliff understands the dollar spend is proportional to realistic resolution.
So if time is not a factor, how many crisp $100 notes would buy a virtual experience ?

appreciate in advance your suggestions



--- Quote from: cliff50 on February 19, 2021, 03:10:14 AM ---if Visio is not the tool for it now .... when will it be?
--- End quote ---
IMHO: Never

Paul Herber:
Don't do it. Visio can make a few shapes look like 3D but it's all smoke and mirrors. Use a proper 3D tool.

so have done 3D visio native shapes because Visio 3D is hard to use for anything but simplest.
That said, I agree:   Get a real 3D tool.

Didn't JuneThe2nd play around with some Visio 3d stuff when it 1st became available?


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