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Mass delete Shape Text autonumbering no longer in Shape Data?

Started by MacGyverRick, January 29, 2021, 01:49:49 PM

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Hi, Through my learning I inadvertently got Visio autonumbering values to be combined with the Shape's Text, and Prop.ShapeNumber is no longer showing in Shape Data. ugh!

Running Visio's Numbering add-on correctly displays a second (unfortunately) set of numbers (with the proper Prop.ShapeNumber, HideShapeNumber, ShapeNumberText). But before I do that...

...How do I go about mass editing the 300+ shape text to remove this number prefix?

User.myTextValue = EVALTEXT(TheText)
source: where the numeric portion of the Shape Text seems interesting, but then if that is a good path to take, how to extract the the bad number+space from the good text?

Excel I'd do =TRIM(MID(A1,FIND(" ",A1),99)) to remove anything left of the space, and the spacer itself, but that may be a loop here, unless I put the answer result as a value in another user defined cell? - then redesign the master shape to display the "clean" text instead? (and still be user editable via F2/click)? Sorry this is on the edge of my expanding Visio knowledge.

Thinking... To Evaluate and delete all Shape Data numeric (values) would work as no numbers used elsewhere...? (boolean, "text", and formulas are).

Thank you for your guidance


All these shapes must have fixed text without space and number ?

1. Create new shape
2. Write your good text
3. Press key F2 at your keyboard
4. Press key Ctrl+c at your keyboard
5. Select all 300 shapes
4. Press key Ctrl+v at your keyboard

These steps replace all text in these 300 shapes!

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