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Genogram Lines

Started by saratogacoach, January 19, 2021, 12:41:58 AM

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Latest task is to create genogram relationship lines to symbolize separation and divorce, have them connect between other shapes. Started with a relationship line to symbolize marriage. The marriage line works OK. Then tried unsuccessfully to add and group the extra lines for separation ( / ) and divorce ( // ).

Grouping, even when behavior is changed to 1D and new connection points are added, does not allow correct connections: connection points, even when their correct positions are custom-added in the shapesheet, do not work or refer to the correct location needed in final grouping.

I am attaching the VSDX file to illustrate these lines. Not sure what else to do to get the "separation" line version  and "divorce" line version to (1) group the elements and (2) be able to correctly connect to another shape (square shape example in the VSDX file)? Goal is to connect the same as the "marriage" line which works correctly.

Updated: added second VSDX with improved version, but still some problems, since the connected lines separate when the attached shapes are moved.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thank you for your kind help.

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