Blank page when opening Visio document

Started by Houndy123, January 26, 2021, 09:29:10 AM

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Hello everyone!

I created a Visio file after several hours of work and saved it.
Yesterday, when opening the Visio file, the program only showed me a blank page inside of its user interface, as if it is was empty document. However, when I export the blank page to pdf, the pdf shows my work correctly with everything that is supposed to be present. Therefore, I think the layers might be disabled, or something similar, that prevents me from seeing my work.

Does anyone how to get my work back?

Kind regards


Hi, Houndy123 !

What kind of Visio document do you create ? At your screenshot i see stencil (vss(x) document) at left side of your picture.
No active document vsd or vsdx.

Paul Herber

That's just a stencil in the standalone stencil view.
Open Visio then from the ribbon click File and you will see a list of recent documents.
Is your document there?
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Hi Surrogate,

Thank you for your reply! You're an absolute hero.

It was supposed to be a .vsdx document with drawings, shapes, and text inside, but after your question I noticed that it saved as a .vssx document. Very odd.

By saving the stencil again as a document, the document had all its contents returned as normal.

Thanks again!
Kind regards