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how to enable the clear type text show (Textquality options)

Started by imzde, May 07, 2009, 03:55:38 PM

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I was working in some diagrams, and by mistake managing some pictures, Visio send me a fatal error (without leave the application), now (I don´t know if the event is linked), I am not able to activate the text quality options under Extras > Option > Display. And the quality of my fonts are terrible (the default option selected is: Quick Text Display (with Antialising)
I have read in other post, that this problem is related with the Citrix Presentation server (something related with the animations) but is not my case.

sorry if the menu options are not complete correct, but I am trying to translate them from german to english during my typing.

any idea, how to activate this options again ??

thanks a lot in advance for your help !!


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