Started by wapperdude, November 24, 2020, 03:46:42 AM

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For those idle moments.  Move the colored shapes into the shaded square.  None of the pieces  overlap.  All will perfectly fill the square.  Many possibilities.

2nd page is Katamino version.  12 pieces.  All are used to fill the largest, full region.  There is a limit line that may be placed (optional) to mark left edge of smaller regions, thus, using fewer pieces.


EDIT:  I didn't state the obvious, but for those unfamiliar with tangrams, the shapes
1) sizes are fixed
2) may need flipping
3) may need rotating.  Only angles that are either integer multiples of 90 degrees, most cases, or 45 degrees.
4) shapes were not designed to rotate by fixed angular multiples.  There's no such provision in real world, physical pieces.
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