Author Topic: One of my Off-Page References doesn't work unless I change the name of the page  (Read 70 times)

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Originally I created 2 different process map files. 1 with a few process maps in it. One with a "Receiving" process map inside. Then I decided I wanted them to live in the same file and be attached with off-page reference shapes so I created a "Receiving page inside the file with the other process maps and copy/pasted the process map into my file with everything else. I made a menu page and then began creating the off-page reference shapes. The off-page reference shapes work perfectly in both directions for 3 of the 4 pages, but 1 of them that links the "Menu page to the "Receiving" page only works one way. If I navigate to the receiving page and double-click the off-page reference it goes back to the menu, but if I click on the off-page reference on the menu screen the menu screen just flashes and stays on the same page.

The weird part is, if I rename the Receiving page to anything other than Receiving it works. I feel like this is something to do with the fact that this is the page I imported from another file via copy/paste.

Any help is greatly appreciated.