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Option to "Freeze" part of the page when scrolling

Started by MilesT, February 15, 2016, 05:12:34 PM

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Option to "Freeze" parts of the page when scrolling: a bit like Excel Freeze Window to keep a few top rows and/or a few left columns in view when working on a remote part of the page.

Helpful for diagrams which have clear "axes" e.g. time (as an X axis or as a Y axis on sequence diagrams), Swimlane titles, Function names on sequence diagrams, etc.

Workaround is to make a copy of the relevant axes markers, paste it, group it, and then drag it where needed, but you have to remember to remove it before "publishing" (you can stick your moveable axes into a non-printing layer which helps a bit).


Not very comfortable, but you can also open a new window of the current drawing.


True, that would also work.

Personally, I find the "new window" way of handling this less effective, especially if you only have a small laptop screen and you need to zoom in quite large, but that's just a preference


Sure, but that's the built-in solution. Anything else would require a lot of tweeking. Isn't it?


Go to the View tab on the ribbon then open the task panes dialog in the "Show" section. Next click shape data. Now when you are in a swimlane but the function (actor) is too far to the left, click on any object within the swimlane and the function (actor) will show up in the shape data box which is floating above the page. Voila.


Visio already does this, at least V2019 does.
Go to View tab on the ribbon, and the open the Task Panes and select Pan and Zoom.  You can have the PZ window float or docked left/right/top/bottom.  It shows the entire drawing.  You can also resize both it and the drawing window.  The PZ allows you to zoom in/out.  Shows a rectangle of the zoom area.  This area shows in the drawing (editing) window.
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