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Started by Visisthebest, October 17, 2020, 04:04:02 PM

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Is anyone using RubberduckVBA as their IDE and if so how is your experience with it?
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I used this tool about 5 year ago. But i did it short time, because i didn't find interesting features for me...


I also was impressed by the tool a few years ago. It is amazing how much you can do to patch a 30-years old IDE with modern whistles  ;D
If Microsoft supported this level of tooling in the IDE, maybe VBA would be still alive.


Surrogate I think it is much better today and has stabilized, I understand it can be resource-hungry though.
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I made a tool years ago to help export and import VBA files, so that I would have text backups in case the Visio binaries got hosed. But every time I get a new machine, I have to remember how to install it (requires some weird reg settings).

It appears that RubberDuck is still being developed

Rubberduck Home Page - newest release is 2023.11.27

There's an interesting video from five years ago that appears to be a showcase project for RubberDuck:

Play Battleship in Excel!

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