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Visio and Office 365

Started by Paul Herber, March 13, 2013, 02:55:18 PM

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Paul Herber

Does anyone have any experience of Visio within an Office 365 environment? Are there any differences? How does it handle 3rd-party addons?
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Hello Paul,
At work we have currently Office 365 ProPlus and Visio Plan 2.
I want to suggest to switch to a used full version. Would you know of any technical problems this could cause?


Paul Herber

Hi Yacine, I suppose you lose the live file sharing features of the online version, as well as the immediate updates, whether you want them or not, but then you can get that with the desktop as well. My system here for Visual Studio work rebooted and installed updates while I was sitting here! Warning? Non! But with the desktop version you get a real 365 day per year capability, not just when the servers decide to give you access, (it isn't referred to jokingly as Office 363-- for no reason) and of course all work is kept on site, not in some cloud somewhere where who knows who might be able to look at it.
Do you get online and desktop versions in Plan 2?
Me? Cloud? Never! I'm not a luddite, just sensible!

Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


I thought clouds were for storing water.
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About a year of experience.  Basically, 2 things with every update:  1)Working functions are messed up (changing color of subshape in a group now changes the whole group) ....and 2) MS just loves to play with the front end panels (pinning drawings, template choices, etc).   Otherwise works about the same as standalone (can open VSD and convert to VSDX, still does not integrate into PPT like 2003 did, etc).   I have not done a lot with VBA.

BTW with teams, there is an obscure directory deep in program files that have licenses and some app settings.    I only had to find it once but probably worth noting the path just in case


Thank you guys.
And I agree with Paul and Wapperdude: clouds are for storing water.


We were using Office 365 ProPlus and Visio Plan 2 too at the office. It was working like magic but after switching to online work it started to be a pain in the neck. I came to France to spend the quarantine with my parents but the PC at their property in Cannes has a very weak processor and it is really hard to work with it. I was wondering if anyone could suggest me to run Visio Plan 2 more smoothly?

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