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Can't see objects after Viso 2016 was updated

Started by tjandt, August 26, 2020, 01:15:03 PM

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Paul Herber

Ok, the lines are all there but they are only 0.24pt wide and almost invisible in Visio 2016. I saved the file as .vsd and tried in Visio 2010 and all the lines are there and easily visible.
I think the problem is that your lines are too narrow, so here is a fix.

For each page
  select all shapes (Control-A)
  ribbon Home -> Shape Styles -> Line -> Weight -> 1pt
    (or whatever pt size works for you)

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Appreciate the help.  The 0.24pt lines were the default lines in the version of Visio the doc was created in, and were easily visible in the original build of Visio 2016.  Something definitely changed in the way Visio processes and displays lines in one of the Visio updates since then.

Your workaround is helpful, and I will go in to all of my drawings (over 100 of them) to update line weight to be able to properly seem them at the zoom to page level.
It will end up adding another step when I go to post process the visio drawings in my image editor, in that I will need to lower the line size back down for the export I do.

I truly appreciate the help in at least getting things to the point where I can work again.  Still incredibly frustrated with the fact that Microsoft can just apply an update to a standalone product I purchased years ago without giving me any option to opt out.  Wish where was a suitable replacement to Visio that I would have more versioning control over.

Paul Herber

I can't find any registry setting that may fix the problem either.
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


Paul, thank you so much for your help with this though.  I truly appreciate all the effort you put in to helping find the solution!


Check this post:

The last entry, as a work-around, is to set line weight to 0 pt.  No.  The line will no disappear, Visio has an internal threshold and seems to adjust setting based upon zoom level.
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wrapperdude, thank you so much!  This was essentially exactly what I was looking for.

While not a fix, it does display the lines as they used to, and when I export drawings for post processing, I do not need to add the extra step of reducing line size from 1 down to .25 any more!

Thanks for the catch and recommendation to the other thread!!

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