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If "reports to" position changes in linked datasource


We have a linked visio 2019 diagram to a datasource pointing to sql server table. How is it possible, through settings or macro, etc. to "automatically" move a shape when the reports-to for that position changes? For example position 2 reports to position 1. The connector is currently showing position 2 with a link to position 1 as it should. Position 1 and 2 are on one page. If position 2 changes in the data to report to position 3, and even after syncronizing subordinates, position 2 shape and connector will not move automatically to position 3 (its new reports to position) lets say, on another page.
We have thousands of employees and manually trying to drag onto and reconnect shapes/connectors whenever a position changes to a different manager is rather tedious and time consuming.

Please advise.


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