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A max of only 50 Actions rows displayed?

Started by Hey Ken, September 19, 2017, 07:47:47 PM

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Paul Herber

The limit is on the total number of items, including fly-out menus, and invisible and disabled items also count to your total.
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Hey Ken

   Yep, and I'd only be using 28 of the 50 in total: the 25 GOTOPAGEs will reference the proper 25 page names in the User section (out of 100+ in my case) depending on User.PageNumber.  There's also one for the flyout header and the other two are for the Next and Previous actions.  If I need fewer than 25 GOTOPAGEs at any one time, the remainder could be made invisible.  Tricky, that, but doable.

   - Ken

Ken V. Krawchuk
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in 2003, it was items displayed...not total
Probably got fixed by 2013

Paul Herber

File attached - the actions beyond 50 rows no longer work.
(Visio 2016 format file).
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Yep.  Same for V2019.  Delete a previous row, then you get the 50 flyout with single entry.  Delete another row, and flyout has two entries.  Conclusion, the limitation is in the shapesheet.  Only 50 rows possible, no matter how you cut the pizza.
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Here's a thought...

You only need the tens entry in the Action.  Each action would call the same list, a data list, which would be 0 to 9, and would then be added to the calling action.  For example, say action 9, whose value is added in the "tens" digit.  That way you could have "9" & "0 to 9" to get 90 to 99.  This might break Ken's minimalist rule, though.
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Proof of concept.  Not complete solution, but easily extendable to the perverbial 99.

This meets Ken's minimal solution requirement.
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