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Questions to the floor! Help

Started by Jason_Huggs, June 17, 2020, 06:10:00 AM

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Good afternoon Visio Users,

I have a few questions that google can no longer help with (unless I am looking in the wrong places!) so I apologize for any inconvenience I am causing amongst your day to help me with this application!

The questions I have:

Q1. I have an Overview Organisation Chart, with multiple Pages that display the Units/Divisions of the ORG Chart. Is there a way I can add a team member to that Org Chart and have it automatically display on that specific units page tab without having to copy paste it? Reason is, the organisation rapidly changes throughout the divisions now and again so to be more efficient with time, I was wondering if there was a feature or way to make this possible.

Q2. I am not exactly sure why, if its a bug or not but when I create a new shape or drag a new shape to a new page, a bunch of additional keys need to be edited out of that shape so it holds the preset data set I have applied to my shapes. Is there a way to rectify this or have I done something that has lead to this delima? Hopefully this makes sense! Let me know if it does not.

Q3. Last question, why does the layout of the group/division I synchronize to a new page completely change? Is there a way to avoid this to keep it the exact format it is on the original page?

That's all I have for now.

Kindest regards,


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