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COVID-19 Hazard stripes fill pattern

Started by Visisthebest, July 05, 2020, 07:48:27 PM

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Is there a hazard stripes fill pattern available for Visio, I couldn't find it please see the picture of how such a pattern looks.

This is used a lot for COVID-19 hazard markings (to get people to keep distance) so very useful for Visio floor plans!

I can't really find my way around how to best make a Visio fill pattern any guidance in the right direction appreciated!

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pretty easy to make it....treat it as a learning experience and go for it.


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That is for bitmaps. Creating geometry shapes are easy. There is alsoe
One thing to remember is that black areas will be filled by the line colour, so use an almost black colour as I point out in the comments in that article.
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