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Some objects displaying not as original object inserted

Started by Shazz, May 25, 2020, 01:19:02 AM

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I am finding that some objects in my visio documents are displaying strangely - please refer to images attached - the pink highlighted object is how when I open my document they are now displaying, the green highlighted object is what was inserted in the original document.  What causes this issue as it has happened on numerous accounts and very frustrating?


Helpful to know more about these objects...
Custom made?
How built...using Visio, 3rd party software???
Is this new behavior or has this always happened?
What version of Visio?

Can you upload these shapes?

Visio 2019 Pro


Microsoft Visio Standard 2016

The objects were selected from source in left hand shapes panel, so no not custom made. Refer attached image.

This has always happened with some objects I use in my visio drawings.  Very frustrating.


Shapes in the Document Stencils are copies of the original, master shape.  When a shape is dragged and dropped from a stencil onto a drawing page, Visio makes a copy of that shape.  This resides in the Visio document and is always visible.  If, for some reason, that shape gets altered, then Visio tags it with a version number.  One of the shapes giving you difficulty that appears to be the "Start Message".  Your post shows version "34", but, doesn't show the complete listing.  It may be that whatever version your using has been corrupted.  I tried searching for that shape and could not locate a stencil containing it within V2019 Pro.

You may need to find the original version of the shape and do a replacement.  If you have prior version of your file, does it contain a good version of the shapes in question?  A copy/paste might solve your problem.
Visio 2019 Pro


It's bizarre as some times when I go into the document they display funny and other times they display normal - it doesn't seem to be consistent.  The problem is these are drawings that have been done for customers so doesn't look good when the objects behave strangely and they contact me to fix.

From your comment below then do I assume then that this can be an on-going issue if the object is a different version.  I just search and select objects in the left panel, how do I know what objects to select to avoid this sort of behaviour in the future?  If it no longer appears in a later version then how can I control that?


one more piece of forensics
Open document stencil    more shapes==>open document stencil
pick one of the suspect shapes and edit   select in doc stencil, right click ==> edit master   
    New windows opens, inspect the shape.
also, while in window, select actual shape ==> right click==>open shapesheet....look for any REF values in fields - tedious
(this is in developer mode.....file ==> options ==> the bottom)

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