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Adding in onclick functionality to shapes

Started by Fiio333, May 11, 2020, 04:19:09 PM

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I am new to visio and I am required to create an interactive flowchart. I am able to create the diagram but I am having trouble with the functionality of popping up a modal when the user clicks on a shape. The flowchart may be required to be uploaded onto the web. I tried changing the shape name as I assumed that might be related to CSS class and ID but it is not. Please, if anyone can give me any pointers or advice I would greatly appreciate it!


left click:           Select shape (that is it)...a power VBA user could probably figure out a handler for left click.
Right click:        List of you can add commands, mark checked or not checked, etc
double click:      can do way more things either in the spread sheet or using VBA

Not sure what translates to the web.  AFAIK, no linkage to CSS or HTTP.   Above is when in an actual VIsio session.

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