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Adjusting master so all variants are resized [SOLVED]

Started by lizat, May 10, 2020, 04:58:16 PM

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I am adapting a shape which is a gateway (BPMN) which i want to be smaller and with height and width equal. I successfully change for the first 'type' - there are several, in the Shape Data - I cannot work out how to make the change stick for the other types. When I click to the anther type in the master the dimensions match what i have defined fro the first type. I have tried re-entering the sizes but cannot make the size stick. The result is taht if i use teh shae it is correct for the first type but if I change to another type the shape reverts to its' original design.

UPDATE: I have discovered that Changing the size of the Process Shape does 'stick' for all variants. The problem seems to be with the Gateway

How do i make it stick for all types?

Thank you.


Solved it. Odd but I had to do this:

For each variant:
1. edit master
2. select variant (type)
3. shape was correct visually but for good measure I touched each of the dimension fields
4. exit and save

When all done then tested by creating new instance on a drawing and then cycling through the variants. Success!

It didn't happen with any other shape with variants which is odd, but at least it's done now


is this about size/format or shape data?

For size/format, changing a shape in a stencil does NOT affect all previous drops of the shape in any document.
In essence, when you drop a shape on a drawing, visio makes a copy and places it in the doc stencil.  Linkage to master is broken

for shape data, not 100% sure, but I believe shape data link to master is broken as well.

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