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Managing layers on master shapes

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Hi, I started to work with Visio recently and I have a problem. I crated my own stencil with a few shapes that I will use. In some shapes I would like to add some layers. My specific situation is that I have conveyors, and with the layers I want to add sensors in some pre-defined locations, by switching a boolean to TRUE ou FALSE in the shape data. I have managed to do that, and my problem is when I add the shapes to a drawing. I can't, for example, have two shapes on the drawing, with one of them having a sensor and the other not. If a switch the boolean, the sensor (layer) appears in all of the shapes. Do you know how I solve this?

Thank you

You can hide your sub-shape (sensor) without using of layers !

Just set TRUE in cell NoShow

How does that work? The "Geometry1.NoShow" will affect only the sensor in the master shape or the whole shape?

Surrogate's reply indicates that this would be done via shapesheet for the sensor shape. There are a variety of ways to
Implement this. 

The two fundamental approaches are to push the result from the group into the sub shape, or alternatively, let the sub shape pull the result from the group.

Example of Pushing:  use dbl click behavior at group level to assign True/False value to the Geometry No Show cell.
Example of Pulling:  at the group level set some variable to be either true or false, perhaps using the right click action menu.  The sub shape would read the value of this cell.

each geometry section in a given shape (child shape or parent shape) has controls for displaying
- nofill
- noline
- noshow.

So you could have multiple geometries in a shape and decide to turn 1 on and the other off.


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