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Display secure data for specific group

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Hi all,

In our company we use org charts for each department. In the shape are data : Name of colleague, name of position  and ID.
I would like to add data about salary & budget but problem is only specify group of people from HR and Reward can see this data.
Is it possible to set hide this data from other colleagues or something like "+" "-" button in corner of shape?
What is your idea?

Thanks for every reply :)


Visio is very bad at hiding information.
What about linking the data to a password protected database to pull the confidential data and somehow make sure that these data can't be saved in the Visio file.
... maybe delete the sensitive data prior to closing or opening the file. Not really safe.

Maybe use the Visio Viewer which actually works with temporary data if you don't implement the saving on purpose.

I already have a separate file with secure data so linking data is not good for me. I would like see it in org charts. Could you recommend maybe other programe for org charts?

Thank you.

Yacine is correct.  Visio very poor at security.

My advise... don't do it.  The data is confidential, with limited personnel who have a need to know.  Your approach distributes this data unnecessarily and makes it vulnerable.  Very bad idea. 

ok thank you very much guys :) I will try to find something else.


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