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Visio 2019 - no import of CAD drawing (especially .DWG & .DXF)

Started by StreifLicht, January 15, 2020, 02:32:35 PM

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I encounter a strange issue concerning importing CAD files.
I am running Visio Professtional 2019, last build.

Obviously there are more possible paths to import cad files:
1) >Insert > CAD drawing
2) >File >Open file
3) >View >Add-ons >Visio Extras >Cinvert cad drawing
None of them are working with my Visio 2019 Professional installation.

And this installation is fresh (I have installed the software yesterday).
Two weeks ago, I upgraded my system from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Professional.

1) Clicking >Insert >CAD drawing results simply in "NOTHING" - no dialog pops up, no error message,
    no crash, no freeze - just NO action at all.
2) Results in an empty drawing if I try to open a .DWG or a .DXF file.
    Converting a -SVG file for instance works.
3) The same like >Insert >CAD drawing: NOTHING happens.

I have already ran a repair installation.
I have uninstalled my Visio 2013 installation and cleanded the registry.
Without success.
What is strange is the fact that no error messages pop up.

I hope, that someone has experienced a similar issue and hopefully have an idea or a hint to solve this problem,
Thank you for reading.

BR, Andreas


+++ Update +++

Meanwhile I have uninstalled the complete office package (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access... & Visio) and reinstalled it. Now as 64-Bit-application. Before the 32-Bit-version was installed.
Before the install of the 64-Bit-version, I performed a registry cleaning.
The same error is present.

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