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Unexpected 310 error for a circular formula reference

Started by Hey Ken, December 09, 2019, 05:17:56 PM

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Hey Ken

Fellow Wizards:

   I have a problem. 

   Attached is a very simple stencil.  Open a blank document, open the stencil, and manually drop the box onto the blank page.  My 2013 professional throws a 310 error for a circular formula reference when there are no circular formulas.  Go figure.  Does it happen to anyone else?  If so, can you figure out how to fix it?

   Thanks in advance,
   - Ken

Ken V. Krawchuk
No Dogs on Mars - A Starship Story


I think the thing is User-defined Cells of the Stencil.
If you delete the rows:
then the error will disappear

Hey Ken

   Well, look at that!  Never thought to check the stencil's document sheet.  It turns out those fields are all from a completely different project.  Apparently somewhere in some poorly-tested VBA code, ActiveDocument wasn't the active document I wanted.  Thanks, Croc!

   - Ken
Ken V. Krawchuk
No Dogs on Mars - A Starship Story

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