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Visio macro and code

Started by Radu, January 11, 2020, 11:33:54 AM

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Good day
I have a visio file and a Stencil, from a guy I used to work with a wile ago.
This file and stencil works in such way, that if I have a excel table (also part of the pack he give me) it extracts automatic the dimensions and details from excel table, creating rectangle shapes with details inserted in the shape, from the excel table.
Somehow, now I need this to work, and I can not make it work. He showed me how it works at the time and I did not memorize. It was a wile ago and I can not trace this guy anymore (also the company he used to work for does not exist anymore)
i am a novice in macro and codes.
Maybe is just a 32 bit code, or maybe I have to make something to make it work.


You would have better chances if you upload your files. Otherwise I can offer you to send me them by PM.


Hi Yacine
Thank you for reply.
I send you the same text in direct message.
Can you please send me the directions to send you the files.
Once files are working and find the way, we can post them for others to use.
Thank you


If the problem still exists, I would also like to participate.

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