Problem printing VSDX using Visio 2016

Started by sunnyimran, December 05, 2019, 09:47:48 AM

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Hi there,

I am trying to print multiple VSDX generated files for a project, say 40,000 files. content of my drawing include some text boxes, lines, B/W Logos and Bar codes 128b on each page. some rectangles boxes have light grey shade otherwise mostly no shaded objects.

When printing using PostScript driver, it prints one page and next page has printed errors on it. When I use PCL driver for same machine it prints correctly. I have experimented on different printers and different drivers (PCL works, PS does not). I am printing on production printers which have built-in folding and stapling units. I am using manufacturer drivers and tried some generic too.

VSDX Spooling Issue
need to print more than 200 files at a time. I have tried many spooler Apps like 'Print conductor' that mentions support for Visio files for this but files get spooled incorrectly, wrong size is shown in windows spooler and it doesn't get printed or otherwise spooling App hangs. As a last resort I am using command line batch file by opening Visio with VSDX file one be one.
                                  C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16\VISIO.EXE" /pt <Vsdx to print>

I want to know:
1- Does Visio 2016 supports PostScript for printing?

2- For a drawing as described above which have barcodes and mostly B/W lines and rectangles boxes, which printer driver will be more accurate and preferred PCL or PS?

3- How to simplify spooling of VSDX files (200 files or more in a go)? 


Paul Herber

I can't see many users here having experience of printing 200+ Visio documents in one go. I'm loath to print out even one page these days and I have a good quality laser printer.

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You are right to be reluctant in printing to save paper. People have to work physically on printed sheets so I have to print.


Normally, this would be my last recommendation, but what if you saved the Visio files as SPEcs?  I would suspect most spoilers / batch printers can handle PDF files.  Can't recall the name, but Vojo uses a free unity that converts Visio to pdf.  I use the built-in one, but it's somewhat unpredictable.
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I have converted my Visio VSDX's to PDF by multiple methods. It converts fine but then viewing PDF screen shows displacement in drawing objects and other inaccuracies. So I am printing VSDX directly using Visio's own command line switch. because no other spooling method gave success in spooling large amount of files