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Relay Simulation Tool

Started by hidden layer, October 30, 2019, 09:41:14 AM

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hidden layer

hello metuemre,

but I cannot open this because I work with Visio 2010 (which cannot open XML-based files). If you could translate them it would be very Kind.




Hi hidden layer,

Attached are Visio 2010 files for your use.


hidden layer

Hello Emre,

the Output of the (-!)- 'devices' is possible to Switch with the right-click -> shape-data only - right?
(because I read something like database...)
for the schematic-vsd I did it with double-click. for me it's more 'haptic'

some questions:
it seems that the timer is not working - but there is a lot of vba which I cannot check right now...
also the procedures in the CALLTHIS- functions (in shapesheet) i cannot find in the procedures... Christmas won't be boring  ;)



This is just a small portion of a complete control system emulator. It has OPC DA client embedded in vba to talk to an OPC DA Server and read the inputs and write outputs every second. It also has a connection to our IO database in SQL server. These features are not available in your file. That's why you will not find most of the callthis functions in VBA.

Values of Inputs at the left side can be toggled via shape data as you guessed but you can modify it as per your requirements.

Timer function should run when the input to timer is TRUE but make sure that Microsoft Scripting Runtime is selected as reference in VBA.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

hidden layer

ok, it's a while ago that there was some activity here but I did something - hidden, of course ;)

after some iterations ... here's a new stencil
there are more or less the same devices as before but with a slightly different appearance.
- all devices unable to bend, rotate etc (ok, can be changed in shapesheet if necessary)
- switches are better visible by font color
- to toggle switches / sources is also possible by context menu
- some basic logic gates
- code comes with the stencil (contextmenu) with some errorhandling in case of not-connected connectors

have fun!


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