Master shape in stencil edit issue

Started by Bork, October 29, 2019, 07:51:26 PM

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I normally can edit a master shape in a stencil, but recently ran into a problem with a couple of masters I made.  When I open the master for edit, I get an edit window with the master name in the title (for example, control.vssx:Stencil:Relay Contact N.O), but no master shape drawing.  If I click on the edit window to open ShapeSheet, I get the ShapeSheet for the page (control.vssx:Stencil:Relay Contact N.O. <Page>).  If I pull the master onto the drawing page, I can edit the Shape and ShapeSheet fine.  If I pull the instance back into the Stencil to make a new master, I cannot edit it.  If I try to edit the instance in the document stencil, I run into the same problem as the original master.  What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Visio Pro 2016


Add on info.
I went to add lines to the original master and found out I could.  Then I did some more playing around and open the Diagram Navigation window and I found the original master shape drawing. Guess I need to figure out the diagram navigation and the sheets in the master shape work next.