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Shapes and pictures dissapeared from working area.

Started by lotar1512, October 24, 2019, 09:59:55 AM

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I can still see the work (shapes, text, pics, etc.) in the small preview window of the document that is on my desktop (, but when I open the file, there's nothing there. This happend last night when I tried to save the document but an error came up that didn't let me, so I closed it and reopened it and the work was gone.

If someone could help me retrieve my work, I will appreciate it very much! Thank you!


Things that come to mind...
1)  what is file size?
2) when you open the file
    a. Correct number of pages?
    b. Is a full page displayed... possibly zoomed in or out too far???
    c.  Does select all capture anything?
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Hey, thanks for replying!
1) File size is 26.5 Kb
a. I believe so, I don't remember creating a second page, so it's just page 1 and vbackground-1, both empty.
b. Yes, the full page is displayed, I zoomed out completely and there's nothing.
c. Select all option is greyed out, can't click it.


The fact that both pages are blank and select all is grayed out indicates there are no shapes on the drawing page.  But, the file size is larger than a blank, empty file, ~12K, suggests there may be shapes on the document stencil.  Have a look.

As for recovering the file...I've not had much luck doing that.  Perhaps someone else will have better info.  The place to start, though, is File > Options > Save.  Check to see if AutoRecover is selected.  That might mean there's a file waiting to be recovered.

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