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Started by Donald Boessow, October 22, 2019, 11:16:26 PM

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Donald Boessow

I'm new with Visio. I had been working on a drawing for 4 hours since my last backup. I saved this work.
The next day, I opened up my file and started making changes. I decided not to keep these changes. I closed the window for my drawing file and selected "Don't Save." Behind my drawing was another window with a Shape that I had edited the day before. I saved it, and apparently it saved over my drawing!
When I open the file, the filename is now: "filename.vsd:Certificate Server <GROUP>" which indicates the shape (a computer server).

The funny thing is, this small shape is over 5MB in size. So my question is, Is my drawing somewhere in this file?
If so where is it?

Thank you for your time. I appreciate any help.


Which Visio version do you use ?
In your issue you have opened two or more opened windows in Visio application
1.1 Tab View, group Window, select option Arrange all/Cascade

1.2 Please try change active window - press keys Ctrl+PgDown
Also you can try add new page in document, after this step activate main document's window
2.1 Arrange all/In versions with ribbon interface  (2010+) - press keys Ctrl+PgDown

2.2 In versions with classic interface (before 2010) - press keys Alt+I+N

Donald Boessow

I'm using version 2016. Your suggestions reveal that there is now only one window.
I've come to the conclusion that I screwed up.
I opened my drawing and, unbeknownst to me, I had two windows. I decided not to save the drawing (window 1), but foolishly decided to save the shape (window 2). This made my drawing file into just the window with the shape file.

Still, the mystery is why the file (now just a shape) is over 5MB.


5MB might imply that the drawing is still in the saved file. Maybe your seeing the edit window of a shape. Can you close that window (not visio) and does the drawing appear?