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How to pragmatically reflect the the dead a line of a process "Shape" to t

Started by MoeHan, October 12, 2019, 03:11:47 PM

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How to pragmatically reflect the dead a line of a process "Shape" to the swimlane/timeline in the cross functional chart?

Hello good people of Visguy, I have a question and was hoping that you help me solve it

i would like to be able - using a code - to color and select a timeline of a cross functional chart when a select a visio shape - with a VBA shortcut -.
In other words, I have a different shapes and in different timelines. The shapes start the process in the timeline where they are, however, they do not visually show the deadline-timeline. Meaning I have each shape has in its "Shape data" a field for deadline week, which is filled with the name of the deadline-time line. So I would really appreciate it if you could help me here with the VBA-code.
I have some back ground in VBA excel but not much in VBA-Visio
however, I can understand the logic, which is

The code should start with "un-highlighting" all the timelines
then search for the name of the correspondent timeline depending on the name in the specific field of the shape data. If it finds a match then highlight, if not msgbox.

I hope you guys help me with this problem.
Thank you all


Is it also possible to add a timebar - just like in MS Project - to reflect the actual time to the timeline of a the processes?
Something like this in the attached picture?
Thanks anyways


my thoughts
I make assumptions.
You want the colors of shapes to alter dependent upon a chronological condition.
The chronological condition is derived via the left to right orientation of shapes, with respect to a timeline shape.

The attached solution uses the shapes PinX cells as a reference, and the Fillforegnd cells as the output. (formulas in shapesheet).
Move the tall thin red line left to right across the page and the boxes will change color red to blue.

A VBA coded version of this would have something like >>>  If sheet1.cells("PinX")> shape.cells("Pinx") then shape.cells("Fillforegnd") = 2 else 4



Hello Cliff,

first of all thank you for replying to my problem.
Yes what you did responds to second issue that I am trying to figure out. But I have some questions about it what you created. Is it possible to automate this process and link it to the actual time. And may I have the code that you used here. As I mentioned, I am not a programmer when it comes to visio.

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