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Cannot select more than one shape Visio hangs

Started by lookslikerain75, August 30, 2019, 08:20:03 AM

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I have a strange issue, Visio 2016 new install will allow me to add shapes to the page but if I want to slect multiple shapes for grouping etc i click the first shape press CTRL or SHIFT click the second shape Visio stops and i mean stops not hangs does not show not responding the computer is not hanging either, if i click outside of the Visio window onto the desktop Visio springs back into life, but does not highlight the shapes. the same thing happens with Control A.
Other odd things are: the Shape Styles Ribbon bar just shows multiple ABC ABC boxes no matter what is selected and any pre existing macros created on my previous PC in the same version of Visio do not run or show up in the Macro window. They show in Visual basic screen but that is it and you can't run them. I have checked trusted locations macro security any new macros are fine. Is this a knackered install?!
Running on windows 10 1903 and i do not have admin rights to the PC so reinstall is not possible sadly until i get back into the office in two weeks!

Paul Herber

Does this happen with any particular shape type, or any shape? Have you tested with just simple rectangles on a basic template?
The only thing I can think opf off-hand is out-of-date video drivers.
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