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visio 2013 vs visio 2016

Started by vernonls, August 14, 2019, 08:39:34 PM

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Is it worth the time/money/learning curve to switch from visio 2013 to visio 2016? 

I have noticed that Visio 2013 incorporates some kind of "inference" learning system similar to Sketch Up where the software learns from your repetitive actions what action you would like to perform.  However, visio 2013 is not nearly as smart as Sketch Up 2016, but that makes me wonder if Visio 2016 is smarter about learning how you like to work.

Just seeking other's opinions.


Paul Herber

Quote from: vernonls on August 14, 2019, 08:39:34 PM
I have noticed that Visio 2013 incorporates some kind of "inference" learning system similar to Sketch Up where the software learns from your repetitive actions what action you would like to perform.

In Visio 2016 I've never noticed anything vaguely like this! Never heard of it before either.
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AFAIK, Visio has never had a learn as you go functionality.  I'm surprised that Sketchup16 has this.  What constitutes a typical routine behavior?

Visio has enormous flexibility and broad spectrum of application.  I think comparing Sketchup and Visio is like comparing apples and oranges.  If Sketchup meets your needs, Visio is probably wrong product and pretty much overkill.  But, if you're looking for a corporate wide app that diagram floor plans, workflows, planning, etc, then, Sketchup is probably wrong, and Visio the better choice.  I would recommend V2019 over either V2013& V2016.

As for standardization, Visio allows you to create templates that configure Visio for specific tasks.  It does come with many such templates out of the box.  More with Pro version than Standard.  But any drawing made in one is compatible with the other.  And, of course, there's compatibility with other office products.

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I guess Sketchup woke up and realized implicit context sensitive UI like the old Dec VI editor is not very friendly.


Sketchup also uses features similar to auto connect.  It is very good at realizing that if you wanted a certain dimension last time, that would be the first item offered when next you draw a box or line.  It is also good at realizing when you mean to connect certain shapes vs move them close to one another. 

And, I am by no means an expert Sketchup user nor would I attempt to use it the same was as Visio.  One of the ways that Visio could be better is by realizing that if you really wanted straight connectors the last few times because you changed the connector shape once you had drawn it, then the next time it would first draw straight connectors and of course you would be free to change to other connector types once it had been drawn, but now when you draw a connector is is always whatever you have selected as default.   

I was just curious, but it appears that Microsoft did not go that route.

thanks for the discussion.


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