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Data Graphics on connector

Started by dpetrov, September 20, 2019, 10:53:25 PM

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Hi guys,

I have some troubles getting data graphics properly positioned on a connector. In short, I want the shape data to be displayed as a clear text at both ends of it. However, whatever positions I try to setup it's pretty much the same - they're always positioned in the middle, so I have to manually adjust them where I want em. The problem with that is that every time I move shapes - the "labels" just fly way off the connector and I literally loose them within the diagram (i have a fairly big one with 100+ links and it's a nightmare).

Do you have any idea how can I achieve this for all the connection form (e.g. straight, free, squared) either being vertical or horizontal, I want always the labels to be positioned at the very end of both sides of the connector.

Hope this makes sense.


And here is what happens if I try to move them manually. I just copy->pasted the same shapes to demonstrate what's happening if I move shapes in different places. As you can see, if Shapes A and B are vertical - then the labels are completely off (swapped sides)

Hope that makes sense ..


How about a real Visio file upload?
Visio 2019 Pro


That'll make sense ;-) See attached.


Visio 2019 Pro


I don't think that "data graphics" were designed with connectors in mind.
Means, data graphics are supposed to be used on 2D shapes, like rectangles and circles. Trying to apply them to connectors looks like stepping into uncharted territory.

I'd recommend you use normal labeled connectors (like the ones @wapperdude suggested - although those are pretty advanced, you could find some stock ones in Visio built-in stencils). Surely you can bind them to the shape data as well so that the labels are populated from the data. Note that if you follow this path then you probably will face a question how to replace 100+ of connectors with custom ones. I don't know the answer to that, unfortunately. I would go with a macro that does the modifications to the existing connectors, I think this could be the least destructive way.


Sorry to always and only come back with my own tools.   :o
The tool recommended in this post:;topicseen#msg39197
works also for connectors.


@Yacine:  there it is!  I looked, missed it. 
Visio 2019 Pro


Thanks everyone for your prompt replies!

I'll check Yacine's tool ;-)



Quote from: wapperdude on September 21, 2019, 02:19:11 PM
@Yacine:  there it is!  I looked, missed it. 

I'm feeling "albern" ( Couldn't decide on which of the 24 adjectives is the most appropriate.
But cool, we're going to find a way to handle this kind of situations - or get accustomed. :D

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