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How do I permanently disable the title and phase at the top of the swimlane

Started by wgirlbama, March 14, 2019, 01:26:40 PM

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I am working on a diagram template for my company to use within our help system. The title and subtitles will be part of the help text. Because I need to share this template around the global offices, I do not want to assume people will manually disable. Thus, I want to permanently disable the title and phase areas of the swimlanes. How can I do that?

Paul Herber

Edit the text areas to remove the text, then save the file as a template.
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Hi Paul

I tried that yesterday and have saved as a separate template. Every time I drag the first lane into the diagram, it shows back up. I also tried setting the size of the shapes to zero on the shape sheet and deleting the text, the boxes disappear but the text doesn't and the text is skewed since the box is zero.


Another question, the cross functional stencil keeps popping up when I add a lane to the diagram. Is the software reading that template/stencil instead of the one I saved and edited? Do I have to do something else to break the relationship between them, or start a new template?

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