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Started by Brad_V, June 06, 2019, 04:35:05 PM

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Tried using the Business->Charts and Graphs -> Charting Shapes -> Grid to display a grid pattern on a floor diagram I am making.  However, even though I edit it to contain more than 10 columns, it will not display more than 10 columns.  Has anyone come up with a shape to display a grid?


What's wrong with the page grid pattern?  You can set it to be exact increments if desired.  Access it via ribbon>View>Show.

To create a shape there are 3 methods:
1) draw a shape with fixed size and line spacing

2) create smart shape.  I didn't check the shape you found, but suspect it similar.  Problem with making "smart" shape, each grid pattern requires a separate geometry section in shapesheet.  There are a couple different methods.  But ultimately, max number of lines is set by how shapesheet is setup.

3) create a macro that will draw shape based upon input parameters.

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