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Edit Icon for shape in my stencil

Started by iankoe, June 01, 2019, 12:59:09 PM

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I am running Visio for Office 365 version 16.0.10730.20344 64-bit.  I just installed it, but I am not sure if that means its 2019 or not.  Either way....

I have a custom stencil with custom shapes.  I want to edit the icon for my master shape.  I do the following:
1. Make stencil editable
2. Right click on shape
3. Edit Master -> Edit Icon image
4. The icon editor pops up.
5. Edit the icon
6. Close the editor
7. There is no change in the icon shown in the stencil
8. Re-open the editor
9. The icon is shown exactly as I edited it.  But it has no effect oin what is shown in the stencil, it seems.


Not tried to edit Icon image before.  But the "feature" you indicate is true in V2019.  Seems to ignore edits.
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Paul Herber

Right-click on the master shape in the stencil and select Edit Master -> Master Properties
and ensure
Show live preview in shapes window
is not ticked.
What this does is ignore the icon and show how the shape will look when it appears on the drawing page.
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Note that now you don't need to edit icons manually, Visio can provide nice icons automatically based on your shapes (if you keep Live Preview turned on, which is the default)!
The feature to edit icons was somewhat relevant in the old times when monitors had low resolution.


Thanks much.  The issue was that I had "Live Preview" turned on, which is why it ignored the icon I drew.  Most of the time Live Preview is exactly what I wanted.  But just once it was not.  Its nice to know that there are options.


Apparently, either I forgot, didn't know, or otherwise missed the Live Preview feature.  Old dog. New, old trick.  Sigh.
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