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Shape Color: how many ways.

Started by wapperdude, March 09, 2019, 07:45:49 AM

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How many ways are there to control a shape's color?  A lot. 
First, there are three traditional ways to define the color:
  1) use the Visio defined index:  a single number, hint:  0, 1, 10
  2) use the RGB function:  RGB(120,255,18)
  3) use the not so popular HSL function:  HSL(0,240,160)

But, there are 7 additional functions:  blend, tone, tint, and shade; plus HueDiff, SatDiff, and LumDiff.
Tone, tint, and shade augment a single color, whereas blend combines two colors.  Each of these four functions has a parameter to modulate its effectiveness.

The three "difference" functions look at two colors each.  There is no modulating parameter.

Finally, there is this post:  It describes custom formulas.

The attached file breaks out the various features of each function to a separate shape to control the primary color.  This was done merely for convenience and to better demonstrate the impact of the functions.  Just select the shape and change it's color.  The shape which contains the function will respond to this color change.  In the case of blend, shade, tint and tone, the "function" shape has a control point to adjust the parameter.  Select that shape and move the control point.

In all cases, the color of the "function" shape is NOT directly changed.  Do not use the GUI to set it's color. 
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It is important to keep in mind: different delimeters can be used in different locales in formulas !
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