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Visio 2013 Crash on Save

Started by vojo, January 06, 2019, 09:55:21 PM

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Anybody have any experience with visio 2013 crashing on save or know of a fix for save problems??

Basically, before, if you dragged a new shape to a stencil (add to stencil), you would get a msg of
"want to open for edit" , say yes then save it.   
With 2013, after the message, the application crashes (all work is lost)

only workaround I have found is that you have to open the stencil (as is), save it (as is), 2-3 times, save the drawing 2-3 times, then add the new shape. 

MS really needs to hire some high school graduates to the programming team!!!
I can only imagine the problems with visio 2016 and 2019

Paul Herber

I suppose I would never just add a shape to a stencil in that way, I would always open it for edit first.
When you save the stencil, what is the stencil file format?
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Ok...but since a change in behavior, then MS should rephrase or delete the "do you want to edit" msg

but point taken


@Paul:  I've use(d) the method Vojo describes all the time with V2007.  It would seem MS anticipated that approach, hence, the pop-up message and corresponding action.  Never had a problem with it.  Sometimes, you just forget to open stencil for editing.  Sometimes laziness takes over.  But, it works.  So, I tend to use it.

@Vojo:  can't address V2013, but the drag and drop onto a non-editable stencil works for both V2007 and V2019.  I don't notice any difference.  I'm running 64B installation, Windows 10.  Has this never worked for V2013?  Have you tried creating a new file, new stencil, saving both, then retrying the method? ...just to eliminate possibility it's a file issue.  Perhaps re-install V2013???

Sure would be nice to hear from other V2013 users...
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Hey Ken

   Works fine for me with Visio Professional 2013 under Windows 7.

   - Ken
Ken V. Krawchuk
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some form of it has always been there intermittently (1 out of 10 times)
(I used to explicitly save stencils - even if not editable - and the drawing before closing)

Now have to explicitly open stencil and save a couple of times to be sure before adding/delete shapes
(posting because this new scenario lost about 30 min of work - did not go fishing for autosave backups @ 10 min intervals).

Note, I do have to use template for this since 2013 does not save setting across drawings even with
settings save to registry (always launches in inches even if set to mm in options dialogue kinds of things).
running windows 10....visio 2013 in 32 bit mode

Never in 10 years (probably open one drawing or another >500 times a year) had these problems with 2003 on XP and windows 7 (no templates needed since 2003 saved application settings)


The problem is much broader than crash or save.   It appears that following must be true for good shapes

For every unique shape in the drawing, at least 1 instance of that shape must be saved to a stencil other than doc stencil.

Otherwise, if first ever save (no stencil save done prior), shapes are lost or every instance of the shape is munged the exact same way
- shapesheet functions and references are just ignored
   (correct format / unchanged and working for just ignored)
   (e.g.  well defined/long used loctoloc formulas are now just ignored...
   loctoloc between old shape and new modified old shape - not involving the loctoloc ...the loctoloc ignored
- shapes are arbitrarily added to any group or deleted from a given group 
   (you drew 2 squares and grouped...saved 5 times to get around 1st save open, 3 squares   
    in the group or 1 square in the group now)
-If you can get past the first save, then appears to be stable until you change the shape, then repeat

Definitely some bugs in the save engine / doc stencil engine

windows 10 with visio 2013 in 32bit mode (corporate rules).

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